Involvement: Logo Design, Website Design, Template Customization, Branding

Organization: Non-profit dog rescue

August 8th, 2019 update: Another Chance RFT just rescued its 1000th dog!!!

Pro bono project
(pun not intended)

Another Chance RFT approached me for help after hearing that I had helped out a nearby Humane Society with their website. A new organization, they needed help with branding, as well as a networking need to get the word out about their dogs needing homes.

Step 1: Logo Design

Before we could go further, we needed a logo that would represent the organization, their philosophy, and set a tone for the rest of their brand.

The organization's sole focus is on the dog, so they wanted to use the dog that started the whole endeavor. The blue sky behind represents the freedom of freeing the dogs from the kill-shelters they primarily work with. Keeping the adoption process as easy and simple as possible, they wanted a simple logo.

Another Chance RFT

Step 2: Branding

Although a small organization, Another Chance RFT chief concern is always on the dog and the quality of life, so we opted to continue their push for quality and use hi-resolution photos of the dogs, clear, precise fonts (Roboto, Open Sans), and as many photos as we can get of the wonderful combination of selfless people and their furry friends.

The sky blue of the logo is also used through their marketing to symbolize the freedom that so many people have given these amazing animals.

Step 3: Web Design & Template Customization

After gathering requirements and wishlist items for the new website, several options were presented to the organization, from a completely custom website tailored specifically for them, to a self-contained WordPress website, utilizing a template that could be customized to fit their brand and layout needs.

Although a little wary of having to fit what they wanted into a template, they had staff that were comfortable enough with WordPress to take on maintenance of the website, so we found a theme that would accommodate most of what they wanted. This also allowed the to get up and running quicker and save on maintenance IT costs.

They desperately needed the ability to accept online donations as well, which I was able to help them with, increasing their monthly donations by over 213%.


Bonus Step: SEO and Social Media Networking

While Another Chance RFT already had a budding Facebook presence, we decided that they would be better served leveraging that platform for networking that reinventing the wheel. Instead, we integrated much of their website for easy linking within Facebook. We also hooked up their Facebook page to also accept donations.

Setting up each page and educating staff on how to properly mark-up a new article or page set them up for great SEO results and low bounce rates.


Another Chance RFT was an amazing experience. Hearing some of the stories of these dogs and the people that give so selflessly reinforced my desire to continue to be a foster for dogs here in Dallas.

They continue to be a shining example of what can be accomplished when you keep your focus and put yourself completely into your endeavors.