ID Sanctuary

Involvement: Web Design, Layout, Template Customization, Illustration

Organization: Small Business

ID Sanctuary is a one-page responsive website for an identity theft protection program. Originally designed for a single offering, the program has since grown to include multiple purchase options and multiple new sections that have been easily added to the simple design.

Step 1: Requirement Gathering & Wireframes

Being a non-functional website, the requirements for this website were more layout-based. The site had to be simple and easy to understand since the content is based on a very real threat to a large percentage of the country.

Arranging the content to flow down the page with a strong message, supporting content, and purchase options.


Step 2: Web Design & Template Customization

Due to a short timeline, we opted to start with a base .NET page template and then heavily customized it to fit the design and wireframes the company wanted. Creating images from both the original mock-ups as well as stock photos, my job also included adding HTML and CSS, including media queries for responsive breakpoints.

The client also wanted a custom illustration to show how the offering is important at every stage of life, but in as compact an area as possible. After multiple options were given, they decided on a flat, simple style.


ID Sanctuary was a small project with a quick turn-around time. Some projects you get the opportunity to spend a lot of time, research what designs work the best, and some projects require that you manage your time as efficiently as possible and deliver something the client loves with as little changes as possible.